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List of Samsung CSC Codes by Country

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Samsung Afghanistan CSC Codes:
        AFG: Afghanistan.
    Samsung Albania CSC Codes:
        AVF: Vodafone Albania (Branded).
    Samsung Algeria CSC Codes:
        TMC: Algeria.
    Samsung Argentina CSC Codes:
        ANC: Argentina.
        ARO: Argentina.
        CTI: Argentina (Claro).
        UFN: Argentina (Movistar).
        PSN: Argentina (Personal).
    Samsung Australia CSC Codes:
        XSA: Australia.
        OPS: Australia (Optus).
        TEL: Australia (Telstra).
        HUT: Australia ( Three/Vodafone).
        VAU: Australia (Vodafone).
    Samsung Austria CSC Codes:
        TTR: Austria.
        ONE: Austria.
        DRE: Austria (3 Hutchison).
        MOB: Austria (A1).
        ATO: Austria (Open).
        TRG: Austria (Telering).
        MAX: Austria (T-Mobile).
    Samsung Baltic CSC Codes:
        SEB: Baltic.
    Samsung Bangladesh CSC Codes:
        BNG: Bangladesh.
        ETR: Bangladesh.
        TML: Bangladesh.
    Samsung Belgium CSC Codes:
        XEB: Belgium.
        PHB: Belgium.
        PRO: Belgium (Proximus).
    Samsung Bolivia CSC Codes:
        BVO: Bolivia.
        BVT: Bolivia.
        BVV: Bolivia.
    Samsung Bosnia and Herzegovina CSC Codes:
        TEB: Bosnia and Herzegovina.
        ERO: Bosnia and Herzegovina.
        BHT: Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH TELECOM).
    Samsung Brazil CSC Codes:
        ZTO: Brazil.
        ZTA: Brazil (Claro).
        ZTR: Brazil (Oi).
        ZTM: Brazil (TIM).
        ZVV: Brazil (VIVO).
    Samsung Bulgaria CSC Codes:
        BGL: Bulgaria.
        GBL: Bulgaria.
        MTL: Bulgaria (MTL).
        VVT: Bulgaria (VVT).
    Samsung Cambodia CSC Codes:
        CAM: Cambodia.
    Samsung Canada CSC Codes:
        MTB: Belarus.
        BMC: Bell Mobile.
        XAC: Canada (Unbranded).
        CHR: Chatr Mobile.
        ESK: EastLink.
        FMC: Fido Mobile.
        GLW: Globalive Wind Mobile.
        KDO: Koodo Mobile.
        RWC: Rogers.
        BWA: SaskTel.
        TLS: Telus.
        VTR: Vidéotron.
        VMC: Virgin Mobile Canada.
    Samsung Caucasus Countries CSC Codes:
        CAU: Caucasus Countries.
    Samsung Chile CSC Codes:
        CHO: Chile.
        CRC: Chile.
        CHL: Chile (Claro).
        CHE: Chile (Entel PCS).
        CHX: Chile (Nextel).
        CHT: Chile (Telefonica).
        CHV: Chile (VTR).
    Samsung China CSC Codes:
        CHN: China.
        CHM: China (China Mobile).
        CTC: China (China Telecom).
        CHC: China (Open China).
    Samsung Colombia CSC Codes:
        COO: Colombia.
        COL: Colombia.
        COM: Colombia (Comcel).
        COE: Colombia (ETB).
        COB: Colombia (Movistar).
    Samsung Costa Rica CSC Codes:
        ICE: Costa Rica.
    Samsung Croatia CSC Codes:
        TRA: Croatia.
        CRG: Croatia.
        DHR: Croatia (Bonbon).
        TWO: Croatia (TELE2).
        CRO: Croatia (T-Mobile).
        VIP: Croatia (VIPNET).
    Samsung Cyprus CSC Codes:
        CYO: Cyprus (Cytamobile Vodafone).
        CYV: Cyprus Vodafone.
    Samsung Czech Republic CSC Codes:
        ETL: Czech Republic.
        XEZ: Czech Republic.
        O2C: Czech Republic (O2C).
        TMZ: Czech Republic (T-Mobile).
        VDC: Czech Republic (Vodafone).
    Samsung Denmark CSC Codes:
        TDC: Denmark.
    Samsung Dominican Republic CSC Codes:
        CDR: Dominican Republic.
        DOO: Dominican Republic.
        DOR: Dominican Republic (Orange).
    Samsung Ecuador CSC Codes:
        ALE: Ecuador.
        EBE: Ecuador.
        ECO: Ecuador.
    Samsung Egypt CSC Codes:
        EGY: Egypt.
    Samsung El Salvador CSC Codes:
        ETE: El Salvador.
    Samsung Fiji CSC Codes:
        VFJ: Fiji (Vodafone).
    Samsung France CSC Codes:
        XEF: France.
        ORC: France.
        VGF: France.
        FTB: France.
        ORN: France.
        NRJ: France.
        BOG: France (Bouygues).
        FTM: France (Orange).
        SFR: France (SFR).
    Samsung Germany CSC Codes:
        DBT: Germany.
        XEG: Germany (1&1).
        EPL: Germany (E-Plus).
        DDE: Germany (Congstar).
        VIA: Germany (O2).
        DTM: Germany (T-Mobile).
        VD2: Germany (Vodafone).
    Samsung Greece CSC Codes:
        EUR: Greece.
        COS: Greece (Cosmote).
        VGR: Greece (Vodafone).
    Samsung Guatemala CSC Codes:
        PGU: Guatemala.
        TGU: Guatemala.
        CGU: Guatemala (Tigo).
    Samsung Honduras CSC Codes:
        CTE: Honduras.
    Samsung Hong Kong CSC Codes:
        TGY: Hong Kong.
    Samsung Hungary CSC Codes:
        XEH: Hungary.
        PAN: Hungary (Telenor).
        TMH: Hungary (T-mobile).
        VDH: Hungary Vodafone.
    Samsung India CSC Codes:
        INS: India.
        INU: India.
    Samsung Indonesia CSC Codes:
        XID: Indonesia.
        XSE: Indonesia.
    Samsung Iran CSC Codes:
        THR: Iran.
    Samsung Iraq CSC Codes:
        MID: Iraq.
    Samsung Ireland CSC Codes:
        ANP: Ireland.
        TSI: Ireland.
        O2I: Ireland O2.
        EIR: Ireland (eMobile).
        MET: Ireland (Meteor).
        3IE: Ireland (Three).
        VDI: Ireland (Vodafone).
    Samsung Israel CSC Codes:
        ILO: Israel.
        CEL: Israel (Cellcom).
        PTR: Israel (Orange/Partner).
        PCL: Israel (Pelephone).
    Samsung Italy CSC Codes:
        ITV: Italy.
        HUI: Italy (H3G).
        TIM: Italy (TIM).
        OMN: Italy (Vodafone).
        WIN: Italy (Wind).
    Samsung Jamaica CSC Codes:
        CWW: Jamaica.
        JDI: Jamaica.
    Samsung Kazakhstan CSC Codes:
        SKZ: Kazakhstan.
    Samsung Kenya CSC Codes:
        AFR: Kenya.
        KEN: Kenya.
    Samsung Korea CSC Codes:
        KTC: Korea (KT Corporation).
        LUC: Korea (LG Uplus).
        SKC: Korea (SK Telecom).
    Samsung Libya CSC Codes:
        BTC: Libya.
        LYS: Libya.
    Samsung Luxembourg CSC Codes:
        LUX: Luxembourg.
    Samsung Macedonia CSC Codes:
        VIM: Macedonia.
        MBM: Macedonia (T-Mobile).
    Samsung Malaysia CSC Codes:
        XME: Malaysia.
    Samsung Mauritius CSC Codes:
        MRU: Mauritius.
    Samsung Mexico CSC Codes:
        IUS: Mexico.
        BAT: Mexico.
        MXO: Mexico.
        TMM: Mexico (Movistar).
        TCE: Mexico (Telcel).
    Samsung Montenegro CSC Codes:
        TMT: Montenegro.
    Samsung Morocco CSC Codes:
        MAT: Morocco (MAT).
        MED: Morocco.
        MWD: Morocco (MWD).
    Samsung Nepal CSC Codes:
        NPL: Nepal.
    Samsung Netherlands CSC Codes:
        PHN: Netherlands.
        XEN: Netherlands.
        DNL: Netherlands (Ben NL).
        KPN: Netherlands (KPN).
        TNL: Netherlands (T-Mobile).
        TPD: Netherlands.
        VDF: Netherlands (Vodafone).
    Samsung New Zealand CSC Codes:
        NZC: New Zealand.
        TNZ: New Zealand.
        VNZ: New Zealand (Vodafone).
    Samsung Nigeria CSC Codes:
        ECT: Nigeria.
    Samsung Nordic Countries CSC Codes:
        NEE: Nordic countries.
    Samsung Norway CSC Codes:
        TEN: Norway (Telenor).
    Samsung Pakistan CSC Codes:
        PAK: Pakistan.
    Samsung Panama CSC Codes:
        PBS: Panama.
        TPA: Panama.
        PCW: Panama (Cable & Wireless).
        CPA: Panama (Claro).
    Samsung Papua New Guinea CSC Codes:
        PNG: Papua New Guinea.
    Samsung Paraguay CSC Codes:
        CTP: Paraguay (Claro).
        PSP: Paraguay (Personal).
        TGP: Paraguay (Tigo).
    Samsung Peru CSC Codes:
        PET: Peru.
        PNT: Peru (Nextel).
        SAM: Peru (SAM).
        PVT: Peru (Viettel).
    Samsung Philippines CSC Codes:
        GLB: Philippines (Globe).
        XTC: Philippines (Open Line).
        SMA: Philippines (Smart).
        XTE: Philippines (Sun Cellular).
    Samsung Poland CSC Codes:
        XEO: Poland.
        DPL: Poland (Heyah).
        IDE: Poland (Orange).
        PRT: Poland (Play).
        PLS: Poland (PLUS).
        ERA: Poland (T-Mobile)
        TPL: Poland (T-Mobile).
    Samsung Portugal CSC Codes:
        MEO: Portugal.
        OPT: Portugal (Optimus).
        TMN: Portugal (TMN).
        TPH: Portugal (TPH).
        TCL: Portugal (Vodafone).
    Samsung Puerto Rico CSC Codes:
        PCT: Puerto Rico.
    Samsung Romania CSC Codes:
        ROM: Romania.
        HAT: Romania.
        COA: Romania (Cosmote).
        ORO: Romania (Orange).
        CNX: Romania (Vodafone).
    Samsung Russia CSC Codes:
        SER: Russia.
    Samsung Saudi Arabia CSC Codes:
        ACR: Saudi Arabia.
        JED: Saudi Arabia.
        KSA: Saudi Arabia.
        WTL: Saudi Arabia.
        XFU: Saudi Arabia (STC).
    Samsung Serbia CSC Codes:
        SMO: Serbia.
        TSR: Serbia (Telekom).
        MSR: Serbia (Telenor).
        TOP: Serbia (VIP).
    Samsung Singapore CSC Codes:
        MM1: Singapore.
        XSP: Singapore.
        XSO: Singapor (Singtel).
        SIN: Singapore (SingTel).
        STH: Singapore (StarHub).
    Samsung Slovakia CSC Codes:
        ORS: Slovakia.
        ORX: Slovakia.
        SIO: Slovakia.
        TMS: Slovakia.
        IRD: Slovakia (Orange).
    Samsung Slovenia CSC Codes:
        MOT: Slovenia (Mobitel).
        SIM: Slovenia (Si.mobil).
    Samsung South Africa CSC Codes:
        XFA: South Africa.
        XFE: South Africa.
        XFC: South Africa.
        XFM: South Africa.
        XFV: South Africa (Vodafone).
    Samsung South America CSC Codes:
        CRM: South America (Moviestar).
        NBS: South America (Open Line).
    Samsung South East Europe CSC Codes:
        SEE: South East Europe.
    Samsung Spain CSC Codes:
        PHE: Spain.
        FOP: Spain.
        XEC: Spain (Movistar).
        AMN: Spain (Orange).
        AMO: Spain (Orange).
        ATL: Spain (Vodafone).
        YOG: Spain (Yoigo).
    Samsung Sri Lanka CSC Codes:
        SLK: Sri Lanka.
    Samsung Sweden CSC Codes:
        VDS: Sweden.
        XEE: Sweden.
        HTS: Sweden (Tre).
    Samsung Switzerland CSC Codes:
        AUT: Switzerland.
        SUN: Switzerland.
        ORG: Switzerland .
        MOZ: Switzerland .
        SWC: Switzerland (Swisscom).
    Samsung Taiwan CSC Codes:
        BRI: Taiwan.
        WAN: Taiwan.
        CWT: Taiwan.
    Samsung Thailand CSC Codes:
        THL: Thailand.
    Samsung Trinidad and Tobago CSC Codes:
        EON: Trinidad and Tobago.
        TTT: Trinidad and Tobago.
    Samsung Tunisia CSC Codes:
        TUN: Tunisia.
    Samsung Turkey CSC Codes:
        TUR: Turkey.
        TRC: Turkey.
    Samsung Ukraine CSC Codes:
        SEK: Ukraine (Kyivstar).
    Samsung United Arab Emirates CSC Codes:
        XSG: United Arab Emirates.
        XSS: United Arab Emirates.
    Samsung United Kingdom CSC Codes:
        BTU: United Kingdom.
        VIR: United Kingdom.
        EVR: United Kingdom (EE).
        H3G: United Kingdom (H3G).
        O2U: United Kingdom (O2).
        ORA: United Kingdom (Orange).
        TMU: United Kingdom (T-Mobile).
        VOD: United Kingdom (Vodafone).
        XEU: United Kingdom / Ireland.
        CPW: United Kingdom (Carphone Warehouse).
    Samsung United States CSC Codes:
        ATT: AT&T USA.
        LRA: Bluegrass Cellular.
        BST: Boost Mobile.
        CCT: Xfinity Mobile (Comcast).
        XAR: Cellular South US.
        AIO: Cricket Wireless.
        GCF: Global Certification Forum.
        TMK: MetroPCS USA.
        ACG: Nextech / C-Spire.
        CHA: Spectrum Mobile (Charter).
        SPR: Sprint (CDMA).
        TMB: T-Mobile USA.
        TFN: Tracfone.
        USC: US Cellular.
        XAS: USA (Unbranded/Unlocked).
        XAA: USA (Unbranded/Unlocked).
        VZW: Verizon.
        VMU: Virgin Mobile USA.
    Samsung Uruguay CSC Codes:
        UFU: Uruguay.
        UPO: Uruguay.
        UYO: Uruguay.
        CTU: Uruguay (Claro).
    Samsung Uzbekistan CSC Codes:
        CAC: Uzbekistan.
    Samsung Vietnam CSC Codes:
        XXV: Vietnam.
    Samsung Zambia CSC Codes:
        MTZ: Zambia (MTN Zambia).

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